Britain in the First Millennium – Cleanliness, Washing and How to Take Care Of Fleas

The phrase ‘health’ in the first millennium, certainly among the Anglo-Saxons, was an oxymoron.For case, people would look their latrine leaves outside the shells of their homes, seemingly untroubled by-the odour, which would have mingled pleasantly with-the droppings from their pets and scents of similar pungency.The travels, obviously, should have had a field day burton upon trent. A superb tramp in the latrines, accompanied by a stroll across any food they may find lying about in the home, no doubt created their day.For some reason, the Anglo-Saxon thought it only fair and reasonable that their human anatomy should play host to any parasite that was anxious for protection. The whip-worm, despite its title, was relatively inoffensive. The maw-worm, nevertheless, was not. It preferred people’s liver and lungs, and had one of the most surprising habit of suddenly appearing in the place of someone’s eye.Fleas, on the other hand, weren’t well-tolerated. Since it were, a number of techniques used to be attempted to clear the householder of these bugs, among which was sleeping sheepskins around the bed and waiting for the little brutes to accept the sheepskin and vacate the bed. Since the sheepskin was white, or nearly so, the flea could be discovered as soon as he landed.I assume the bed was lightly tapped to encourage their exodus, but once on the sheepskin, the homeowner might possibly leap from covering, waving a cudgel and lay about him or her, giving as many fleas to the promised land as possible.It practically goes without saying that bathing wasn’t typically the most popular activity around, sometimes. The monks of just one 10th. century European monastery were ordered to wash 5 times per year. Now for your common Anglo-Saxon, this was fanaticism. One per year, good. Twice, in case you were some of those diligent sorts, but five times? Come on!Mind you, it appears that on the other end of the level, the Danes would wash and brush their hair every week. Now while this was frowned upon, (I am astonished the church didn’t issue a sanction on such sweeping behavior), the commentator on this Danish custom was compelled to confess that it appeared to let them have a definite edge when it came to the ladies.So there was simply no idea of hygiene nor hygiene in any kind. But again, god The Father would protect you. If you happened to fall an item of food on the ground, which as you can see right now would be covered in all kinds of excrement, the best assistance was to pick it up, make the unmistakeable sign of the Cross-over it, time it well and place it in your mouth!Allow me to leave you with this thought. Acupuncture. No, maybe not with needles, but with red hot iron pokers. There clearly was a good guide showing the items on the body where in actuality the pokers should be applied.Enjoy your dinner!